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Our History

A Brief History of the Alumni Association

The Alumni Association was founded in 1923 by the medical graduates of the old King Edward VII College of Medicine. Over the years, these doctors were joined first by the dentists and then the pharmacists graduates from the University of Malaya, University of Singapore, and then the National University of Singapore.

The objective of the Alumni Association has always been to safeguard the interests of its members. At the time of its inception, the greatest challenge was fighting for equal recognition and remuneration for local medical graduates when compared to the doctors trained overseas.

With the establishment of separate professional bodies, the Alumni Association relinquished its role as 'professional guardian' and it is now chiefly a recreational and social club for its members.

For many years, the Alumni Association has been regarded as an exclusive and veritable 'old boy's club'. Since 1997 however, it has opened its doors to students in the three faculties, rub shoulders with their seniors and engage in an informal exchange of ideas.

The Alumni Association organizes activities all year round. Some of the most popular events include yearly re-unions (in Malaysia, Singapore and occasionally more distant destinations such as Australia), field trips (to the local farms, Turf Club, etc), karaoke competitions, diving trips and wine & dine sessions.

1999 marks yet another milestone in the history of the Alumni Association - the founding of the Young Alumni Chapter, a division of the Alumni Association dedicated to the addressing the special needs of the young Alumnus, i.e. any member 40 years or younger. This was followed shortly by the establishment of the Women's Chapter. Thus, for all those who would like to make an impact on the future course of the Alumni Association, now is the time to join and make your voices heard!

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